About Us

We are a full-service investigative agency, specializing in all aspects of investigations: Video Surveillance, Background & Courthouse Records Searches, Locates, Recorded Statements & Interviews, Intelligence Gathering, Asset Searches, Criminal Defense, and much more.

Our investigators have over twelve years of experience in video surveillance. We conduct our investigations in a legal and ethical manner to provide the most solid and trial-proof investigation for our client.

We can search a county courthouse or courthouses to determine if the subject has filed past lawsuits. We can also search several on-line and on-site databases to obtain criminal background.

Some cases can linger on for years, and during that time witnesses and/or important subjects may relocate or even try to hide. We have access to several databases to aide in locating a person or persons. Also, we can locate a long-lost relative, girlfriend, college buddy, high school sweetheart or friend anywhere.


Some claims or cases can go on for years before being settled or going to trial. Recorded statements help when witnesses change their story or forget details when questioned at a later date, maybe even at a trial.


We will provide you with a subject's owned real property, vehicles, boats, worker's compensation awards (prior to 1998), businesses, probate awards, etc. We will also provide you with negative asset information, such as: liens, judgments and bankruptcies.


MVR reports are obtained directly from the state from which the license was issued. These requests may reveal the applicant's level of personal responsibility and may disclose DUI / DWI and other traffic offenses that have occurred in areas of the state outside of the county courts researched as part of the criminal records search. Most State MVR reports will provide a driving history of 3-years.

TC Investigations will conduct investigations within the limits of decency; the investigations will be unobtrusive-limited and calculated to obtain client information; the investigations will occur over a reasonable period of time. TC Investigations cannot guarantee the outcome of the investigation; however we can guarantee that you will receive the highest level of service, the best efforts of our investigators, and honest results.